A Wonderful Tribute to Glen

Glen Oldham Brain Research Trust funds world-class research into conditions of the brain and nervous system at the internationally renowned UCL Institute of Neurology. These diseases affect one in six people in the UK. The charity does not receive any Government funding and relies on the support of thousands of donors.

One Brain Research Trust supporter, Audrey Oldham from Lancaster, tells us how creating a MuchLoved Tribute for her dear husband Glen has helped her cope with his untimely death. Glen sadly passed away in November 2010 at the age of 44 after a Brain Stem Haemorrhage.

"When Glen died so suddenly and at such a young age, I knew that I needed to donate to brain research in his name, to try and prevent this from happening to others. "The undertaker at Glen's funeral told me about Brain Research Trust and their wonderful work into brain research. I later went onto the website and came across MuchLoved. At first I wasn't sure whether I wanted to do it because my memories of Glen were personal to me. But upon reading the books of condolences, I realised how these little stories and memories from others helped me a little – and could help them with their grief too. I see Glen's MuchLoved page as an extension of those books. Although the extended family stretches throughout the country, we can all share our thoughts online."

Audrey has put several pictures and a poem onto Glen's page. "Glen gave me a book of poems by WH Auden and we both loved them. At his funeral a dear friend read out Funeral Blues but no one could really take in the words. It's wonderful that people can now read it and think of him. I hope that more people will visit Glen's page and post their thoughts now and at anniversaries or whenever they like – and also make donations to support the work of Brain Research Trust."

Brain Research Trust's Chief Executive Lindsay Easton reflects:
"Audrey and her family have created a wonderfully moving tribute to Glen and raised as much as £626 for Brain Research Trust in six months alone. Audrey is truly inspirational and really committed to our research and is helping us raise more funds in Glen's memory. "This money will go towards research into the more than 250 neurological conditions, including Brain Stem Haemorrhage. The neuroscientists we fund are determined to improve diagnosis, develop better treatments and cures, and, one day, even prevent neurological conditions. However to make this possible we need the support of many more people like Audrey."