Tribute Fund Branding

Wanting a bespoke Tribute Fund scheme?

Our 'Optimum' service enables you to do exactly that!

A fully-branded Tribute scheme is much more likely to achieve results and with over a million pounds of software development over the last decade, the Fundraising In Memory tribute platform has been designed to give you the benefits of both incredibly rich tribute site functionality and comprehensive and flexible branding and control.

This includes permanent branding and direct web links on all gateway pages and all your funds, plus branded donation processing and bespoke donor acknowledgements.

You don’t have to wait many months and pay really significant sums just to get an initial site up & can partner us today, benefit from continuous development and use your budget on the scheme launch, marketing, training and promotion.

Host within your own website

Would you like to offer your Tribute Fund Service on a part of your website?
Optimum partners can use a subdomain of your own website such as:

tributefunds.<yourwebsite>.org *
(*or any other domain that your organisation controls)

Providing the Tribute Fund service on your own domain takes only a few moments to get up and running. This means that you can immediately brand and promote your tribute scheme exactly as you want in your newsletters, leaflets and on social networks.

Your Fully Bespoke Tribute Micro-Site

You are provided with a fully branded Tribute Fund micro-site to help you promote the scheme to supporters. This comprises a series of flexible html 'Pods' that you can create and update with your own specific content including images and direct web links. Common pods include:

  • Your main tribute scheme branding plus welcome message
  • Your key funds, case studies plus links to your Tribute Garden
  • Recent news and upcoming events
  • Information on how money is spent and a message of thanks to donors

Bespoke Fund Themes

You can elect to design a default theme design for all your new funds incorporating elements of branding from your scheme.

Fund Display Options

The Tribute Garden is not only a sensitive and appropriate way to publicly display your Tribute sites, but it also helps you create an In Memory fundraising community and display inspirational case studies to others.

You have complete control over the design and layout of your Tribute Garden, including:

  • Main design image, logo and header content
  • The choice of garden colour scheme
  • Both the selection criteria and order in which tributes are dynamically displayed

There is also the option to display your funds directly into your existing web pages using our API option which can be set up by your webmaster in just a few minutes.

Personal Touches

There are many other options to help you put a personal touch on all your funds and help ensure scheme success. For example you can have a default fund title, bespoke welcome messages and customised candles. More personalisation options are being added for you every year.

To arrange a free 15 minute screenshare demonstration at a time of your convenience, or to explore any of the functionality in more detail with us, please contact us