Setting up your Tribute Fund site to appear on your domain

Who needs to do this?

A member of your Web/IT team who understands your website’s DNS set-up and can update it.

How long should the change take?

Approximately 2 minutes from start to finish.

What do you need to do?

a) Decide the address where you wish your Tribute Fund site to appear

e.g if your main website is you might choose tribute.funds as your desired sub-domain. This means the url people would use to visit your Tribute Fund site would be:

b) Ask your Web/IT team to add the following DNS record for the sub-domain:

A CNAME record to

Your DNS Admin panel will look different but for the above example, the DNS entry might appear like this:

Configuring a CNAME record in your DNS

That's it!

When will your Tribute Fund site become visible on the domain?

Once your DNS change is complete & Muchloved has been informed of your domain choice, the change will normally take about 24 hours to propagate; which just means that although everything will be up and running correctly, the website may not be visible to some people immediately.

What do we need to do next?

Once the site is setup you should add links to the service on your main website menu, page footers and in the in-memory and fundraising sections of your main site to help promote the service to your users. The higher you promote this new section of your site, the more supporters will visit and start fundraising for you.

Example walk through for a 1&1 domain

This example shows how to create a subdomain with a 1&1 registered domain that you control, and then assign a CNAME to point it to your customised MuchLoved Gateway site. It should only take a couple of minutes to set-up.

We have registered the domain with 1&1 and so we'll use this as our example to illustrate the steps below.

First we'll create a new subdomain for the domain We will create

  1. Login to your 1&1 control panel and select 'Domains' to see a list of your registered Domains

  2. Click the 'New' button, and choose 'Create Subdomain' from the button's dropdown menu

    1&1 control panel
  3. Select your Domain from the dropdown and type your subdomain in the edit box, click 'OK'

    Type in your subdomain

    Next we will assign your new subdomain to point to your customised MuchLoved Gateway. We will now set the DNS for

  4. Returning to your Domains list you will see your new subdomain is listed as a new and separate entry. Click the checkbox to select it. This will enable the 'DNS' button. Tip: The DNS button is only enabled when a domain is selected

    Enable DNS
  5. Click the 'DNS' button, and select 'Edit DNS Settings'. Select the 'CNAME' option. In the 'Alias' field, type: Click the confirmation checkbox and click 'OK'. Tip: Notice the Alias is set to the Muchloved domain but with a .org extension

    CNAME alias

If you have not already done so you will need to inform MuchLoved of the domain you have chosen so we can configure your Gateway at our end. Once this is done your customised Muchloved Gateway will start appearing on your domain.

It can take 24+ hours for the update to propagate but it's generally much quicker. You can test by visiting the domain and expedite by flushing your local dns with ipconfig. If you have problems, please carefully review steps (1) to (5).