Contrasting MuchLoved Tribute Funds with Online Giving pages set up In Memory

There are many fundamental differences between MuchLoved Tribute Funds and Online Giving pages, such as:

For more detailed explanation of these differences, please see the table below.

Some fundraisers have asked whether MuchLoved Tribute Funds are an alternative to Online Giving pages such as JustGiving and Virgin Money Giving.

Whilst the creation of an Online Giving page is normally triggered by the decision to participate in a specific event and to raise money, often in memory, the creation of a Tribute Fund is triggered by the decision to commit to supporting and fundraising for your charity in memory of a loved one for a prolonged period of time and by many means, including through events.

Therefore, rather than being an alternative, MuchLoved Tribute Funds work alongside Online Giving pages by integrating them as part of an active Tribute Fund site. For example, with the MuchLoved platform users can easily link their Tribute Fund to include any Online Giving page they wish to use.

Detailed explanation of the fundamental differences between MuchLoved Tribute Funds and Online Giving pages:

Cumulative or One-Off?

A Tribute Fund reflects cumulative fundraising efforts from a multitude of sources over time whilst Online Giving pages are normally designed to fundraise on a one-off event basis. Consequently a Tribute Fund is designed to be a place where friends & family can visit, post and donate at any time, whilst Online Giving pages may lose their relevance after the event has finished.

Primacy: who is the main contact?

With a Tribute Fund there is one Fund Holder who is responsible for the Fund and in control of all fundraising. They are the primary point of contact through which others help to support the fund.

Online Giving pages are individually controlled with no one main contact point for the charity (even where pages may be in memory of the same person) and this can lead to some disputes and administrative issues.

Next of Kin or wider family?

Following on from Primacy, a Tribute Fund is normally created by Next of Kin or very close family, often quite soon after a loss. An Online Giving page is much more likely to be created by wider family, friends or associates some time later and these differences necessitate a different approach in each case.

Commitment to just one charity

A Tribute Fund is a vehicle for building a relationship between the Fund Holder and your specific charity in memory of a loved one. With Online Giving pages, creators can decide for themselves the recipient charity so there is not the same level of ongoing relationship or commitment to the one (your) charity.

Privacy – Open or Customised?

Online Giving pages only offer full world-wide web public access, with the aim being to spread the page as far and wide as possible. Tribute Funds reflect the personal and emotional wishes of the Fund Holder which may include making access to all, or part of, the Tribute Fund site by invitation only.

Only Enable Fundraising Events?

An Online Giving page is interested in immediate donations as that’s the basis on which fees are charged. A Tribute Fund holder can support a charity in a much broader sense, including through participation, volunteering and endorsement. This will include organising events that need not be short-term fundraising ones but no less important for that, such as a Memory Walk or a Memorial Service.

Recognising Cash & Cheques too

An Online Giving page is less interested in cash & cheque donations as no fees can be charged on these. Such donations are often added in a ‘bucket’ at the bottom of the page. A MuchLoved Tribute Fund enables each such donation to be individually recorded, recognised and thanked as an equal to any given online.

Design & Feel of service

Tribute Funds are completely focused on fundraising in memory and so there is a greater (and inherent) sensitivity in terms of the way they look and feel. This can be extremely important to a fund holder who may have only just suffered their bereavement. Online Giving pages can certainly incorporate In Memory as the motivation but cannot be as dedicated in quite the same way.

An example of this may be the MuchLoved Remembrance Gardens as the most appropriate environment with which to search for and display Tribute Funds.

Advanced Tribute Functionality – Improving supporter loyalty

A Tribute Fund is all about building a long-term fundraising relationship and keeping the person who has died (and who is the motivation) at the heart of the Fund. Therefore a MuchLoved Tribute Fund includes a variety of additional advanced functionality such as virtual candles and photo galleries to help commemorate and remember this person.

Providing these additional remembrance and bereavement support features is a way of giving something back to your supporters, helping to promote long term donor stewardship and loyalty.

URL name & branding; Is it all about the Tribute?

Following on from the point about keeping the person who has died at the heart of the Tribute Fund, its website will be specifically named after this person, rather than being a suffix on an Online Giving webpage.

There is also the inevitable tendency for Online Giving suppliers to promote their own branding, diluting that of your charity and the Tribute Fund itself.

Flexible Fundraising options?

A Tribute Fund will incorporate fundraising efforts from many people coming together to support the fund over time. These supporters may prefer to use different Online Giving providers for their events, either through personal preference or to minimise fees and charges. In addition, some event organisers push participants to use specific external or in-house donation pages.

So whilst an Online Giving provider will exclusively promote their own service, only a Tribute Fund can provide the flexibility for supporters to include all sources of online fundraising into their Fund.

You can therefore see that, whilst Online Giving pages can certainly help to increase your supporter income, a MuchLoved Tribute Fund will offer you something different, and the opportunity to build an additional sustainable income stream for your charity.

If you would like to discuss further or have any general questions please do get in touch and contact us