Fund Theme Design - Artwork requirements

Bespoke Tribute Fund Theme design brief

Each Tribute Theme folder contains the following assets:

  1. Bottom Left background.jpg - Set 450 pixel width x 333 pixel height. The image must bleed/fade to pure white on the top and right edge.
  2. default_home_pic.jpg - Default Home Picture if no image is uploaded by the Fund Holder. Set to 360px x 270px. Should be representative of the theme in a single image.
  3. preview_80x80.jpg - 80x80 pixel thumbnail of the theme design which is pulled into the Tribute Garden display if no image is uploaded onto the Tribute.
  4. Preferred text Hex colour
  5. Border Design - This is normally a colour border and please let us know your preferred colour (6 digit Hex code reference). Alternatively it can be designed as a background repeater, which sets the white background and the wing design. Set 1280px width x variable height dependant on design but must be tileable and no larger than 300px height. The central 980px of this image is always pure white with a slight shadow.

If you would prefer us to create the theme artwork for you please can you give us a clear design brief and we will be happy to quote to do this work for you.