Suggested Website Copy

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The most successful In memoriam Giving schemes are underpinned by their memorial website service, offering supporters an online environment to commemorate their loved ones and share memories whilst collecting donations in memory and displaying fundraising progress.

You should therefore look to have a dedicated website page with the following key elements:

Recommended copy for your dedicated website page

(Your Charity Name) Tribute Fund Scheme

A Tribute Fund is a lasting way to commemorate and honour someone special who has passed away. It is a wonderful way to remember and to help raise funds to support the work of (Your charity).

Your Tribute Fund gives friends, relatives and colleagues a focus for making their own individual contribution whenever and however they want, by cash, cheque or card and by post, phone or online. Each gift is recorded and acts as a Tribute to the person in whose name the Fund has been created.

Whilst many Fund holders undertake sponsored challenges or events to raise money, a large number like to make straightforward donations to their fund, such as in lieu of presents or on a special anniversary.

Every Tribute Fund has the option to go online with its own special website where friends and family can leave messages, pictures and memories and also donate directly to the fund online. On your website you can personalise the design, add stories, music and memorial videos as well as keep a diary. You can control access to your site and can keep it private to selected people if you wish or else publicise it more widely with easy links to social network sites.

How to set up your Fund?

Please call (name and number of charity contact) to set up your Tribute Fund with us [or include a simple form for potential Tribute Fund holders to complete, enabling you to collect their postal address and contact telephone number]

You can also click here [link to your Tribute Website Landing page] where you will be guided through a simple 5 step process taking just a couple of minutes to create your Tribute website.

When you have a Tribute Fund with us we will:

Send you a pack, welcoming you to our Tribute Fund family of supporters and including ideas on how to grow your fund, together with tips on how to spread the word to your friends and family.

Send you regular updates of the progress of your Fund and also our news

Place your loved ones Tribute in our online remembrance garden [include link to your remembrance garden website]

Other ideas, such as:
When your fund reaches £500 we will send you.....rose / memory box / certificate
When your fund reaches £5,000 we will.....add to plaque / plant a tree / invite as guest of honour

Case Study.....(name of Tribute Fund used for Case Study)

(Add a case study of a current Tribute Fund already established, why it was set up and how it has helped)

How it will help us?

Money raised through your fund will go towards.....(give an explanation of services and support that your organisation provides and the cost of these, either broken down into elements or as a whole)

There is no cost involved in the setting up or the maintenance of your Tribute Fund and we are always happy to create them for you, no matter how big or small.

Thank you so much for your vital support which we really appreciate.