Tribute Fundraising

The key features

As an integral part of the memorial website service, MuchLoved has a sophisticated online donation facility so that your supporters can easily raise and display in memoriam donations to you..

  • Secure https and data protection compliant processing of donations
  • Donating through all major credit and debit cards plus Paypal account
  • Full Gift Aid reclaim service included
  • Ability to setup multiple different appeal codes to target a specific fundraising project
  • Customised donor thank-you email
  • Real time updating of memorial website with donation details and any donor message of support
  • Full integration of offline donations (cash and cheques) as part of Tribute Fund total
  • Ability to add Fundraising Messages to site visitors and to display a monetary target

Tribute Donate Facility

Tribute Donate Facility

Event Fundraising

An Events Fundraising Centre on each Tribute means that friends and family can all get involved by adding their own Event to support the progress of the fund.

Each event can be updated at any time with its own blog and also display its own sub-total which is also included as part of the overall fund total. The Tribute therefore offers the perfect hub to consolidate and display all these different fundraising efforts being carried out.

Event Fundraising

Secure low cost processing and flexible collection

The donation service is in partnership with the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) and is an extremely economical donation processing solution with a charge of just 3.6% including card fee to cover all the donation processing, administration and gift aid service costs.

This means that a £20 credit card donation with Gift Aid processed using MuchLoved is over 40% cheaper than the identical donation made through JustGiving (Correct as at 1st March 2015). Great News!

There is also total fundraising flexibility on your fund as Events can have an end date or be ongoing and they can also be archived and re-opened (say for an annual memory event). Where appropriate, Events can be added to the fund simply for awareness-raising (rather than for donations) and they can also be linked to any 3rd party fundraising page where preferred.

Target setting and recording donations

A range of total-o-meters have been developed for both Event participants and Fund holders to use in order to track their fundraising progress towards an optional target.

It’s also easy to add offline donations (cash and cheques) onto the fund along with any donor messages to ensure that all funds collected for the Tribute are recorded, regardless of their source.

Tribute Total-o-meters

Tribute Total-o-meters

To arrange a free 15 minute screenshare demonstration at a time of your convenience, or to explore any of the functionality in more detail with us, please contact us